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Deluxe Raccoon Trapping Kit

Deluxe Raccoon Trapping Kit

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This kit includes: 

- 3 DP Traps

- 3 18" Rebar Stakes

- 1 DP Setter

- Her-She Dip Raccoon Bait 16 oz

- Cotton Candy Raccoon Lure 1 oz

- Fur Comb

- Caribou Skinning Knife

- Aluminum Tail Stripper

This is a perfect kit for beginner trapper!  It has everything you need to go out and catch a raccoon or 3 AND the tools necessary to skin the raccoons! 

Cost is $90, which is a 20% SAVINGS, plus the traps, stakes and setter are painted purple.  The kit will come in a box with purple crinkle paper and would make a perfect gift!